The Vinyl Table, Single


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The Vinyl Table is an eye-catching piece of goodness. Its clean and modern shape makes it both blend in and stand out.

The right side storage compartment houses around a hundred records and inside the cabinet - behind that smooth sliding tambour door - there is room for an amplifier or receiver (or other clutter for that matter).

The top of the cabinet makes your player the star of the show. 

It is handmade to the highest standards, and is sturdy, elegant, timeless and lasting.

Length: 85.4cm (33.6in). 
Height: 20cm (7.87in).
Depth: 45cm (17.7in).
Total height: 60cm (23.6in).

Please allow four to five weeks for your Vinyl Table, Single to be made.

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"Simple, finely-crafted and timeless, the Vinyl Table is bound to capture not only your attention but your heart, allowing you to give your records the royal treatment they deserve. It is not a piece of furniture, but an experience providing you with an opportunity to worship all things vinyl!".

- Yanko Design, October 2019

Featured in Design MilkYanko Design, Elle Spain, La Vanguardia, UncrateHiConsumptionCool MaterialImBoldnDesignBunkerP.RoductExameDL MagMan Of ManyContemporist and many more.

Let`s be honest. Looks and feel is of great importance in our surroundings. Record players, amplifiers, cables, records and other gear has the tendency to clutter up any room. The Vinyl Table offers the perfect solution for a tidy setup. With storage space for around 200 12" inch LPs, a cabinet part to place your receiver or amplifier and a platform to place your deck. The backside of the cabinet has two 65mm holes for cable management to ensure that your setup looks clean at all times.

Custom color/material combinations are possible, but please send us an email before ordering.

Resting on either the Spider Legs or the Pencil legs at that sweet 25 degree splay, it simply looks delicious from all angles - whether you put it up against a wall or in the middle of the room. It`s sturdy enough to be danced on - although your vinyl collection might not appreciate it.

The Vinyl Table ships partially assembled. The cabinet part is fully assembled, so the base is the only thing that needs some elbow grease. Don`t worry - it is incredibly easy. Well before you receive your table, you`ll receive a thorough instruction manual via email. And if that does not cut it, we are here to help at any time! 

Physical dimensions (millimeters)

Cabinet inside measurements (millimeters)

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