The Vinyl Cabinet


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The delightful little brother in the Vinyl Collection, The Vinyl Cabinet with its sleek, modern shape fits every home and cabinet need.

The Vinyl Cabinet is a versatile piece, that can comfortably house your vinyl setup as well as your books or anything else you need to store.

Whether it be as your vinyl setup, a side table, a media console or a nightstand — with cable management in the back and a sliding tambour door, this Cabinet suits your needs and looks clean and modern doing it.

The Vinyl Cabinet is handmade to the highest standard and attention to detail, material selection and finish.

New and improved cable management clips added to safely route wires and keep things tidy. There are three clips inside the cabinet.

cable management

The Vinyl Cabinet ships partially assembled (more info in the tab below).

Length: 60cm (23.6 in.)
Height: 20cm (7.87in.)
Depth: 45cm (17.7in.)
Total height: 60cm (23.6in.)

Please allow around eight weeks for your Vinyl Cabinet to be made.


The Vinyl Cabinet is made using only sustainable materials in a zero-waste shop running on renewable energy, packed and shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.

Resting on the Pencil legs at that sweet 25 degree splay, it simply looks delicious from all angles - whether you put it up against a wall or in the middle of the room. It`s sturdy enough to be danced on - if your skills are up to the task.

Custom color/material combinations are possible, but please send us an email before ordering.

The Console ships flat packed, mainly to ensure it gets safely to your door. Don`t worry - it is incredibly easy. Well before you receive your table, you`ll receive a thorough instruction manual via email. And if that does not cut it, we are here to help at any time! 

Physical dimensions (millimeters)

Cabinet inside measurements (millimeters)

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