Welcome to the new HRDL webshop!

Hi! I`m so glad that you`re here!

HRDL has been an incredible journey that I`ve considered myself very lucky to have embarked on. From the very humble beginnings to the point we`re at today, there has been so much support from fantastic customers, good friends - both analog friends and internet friends, and so many unexpected twists and turns along the way. 

HRDL was started from literally nothing. Looking back, it has been a long and steep learning curve - in every aspect of the business. When I started out I owned a hammer, a drill and some off cuts, no CAD-skills and little experience other than home renovations.  "We" are basically still a one-man-show, though we now have teamed up with manufacturers of the absolute highest quality on the market to develop HRDL into something more than the garage work shop it was originally. 

In this journal - which is no more than a ridiculous word for a blog - I`ll take do my best to update you on the progress of HRDL and things happening in and around the brand - and behind that "glossy" scene of Instagram posts and short messages. 

As a curiosity, the image on top of this post is of the very first table I made in that tiny garage I mentioned. It has the serial number of #0001, and is still with us today! 

I`m sincerely thankful that you are here reading this, and for supporting making my dream come true! THANK YOU!

Warmest regards,