Artist highlight: SAM FENDER

Sam Fender probably needs no introduction to many of you, but I sort of stumbled over him a few months back (maybe the nicest way of discovering new artists..).

Despite his young age at 25, he has already achieved a lot, perhaps highlighted by winning BRITS Critics Choice Award in 2019. His style and writing is of the highest class, and needs no comparisons to other artists, but in my ears Sam Fender sort of sounds like a Bruce Springsteen and Jeff Buckley love child. Which is obviously not a bad thing. 

His debut album is launching in August and you can pre-order it in a lot of formats (Cd, Minidisc (!), MC (!!) and of course on vinyl). I`m really looking forward to receiving my vinyl edition!

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In the meantime, here are some of my favorite picks from his performances.