Product launch: The Console

I`m so proud to finally present you with the latest addition to the HRDL collection: The Console. 

The Console is a media cabinet designed to serve basically all needs in a modern living room. It features adjustable storage, great cable management - and keeping with the style and look of the Vinyl Collection. The Console is actually the first piece in the "Home Collection", and several other pieces are in the pipeline - that are outside of the vinyl realm. 

There has been a lot of requests for this kind of piece, and I can`t wait to start to make them. I`d love nothing more than to launch new pieces all the time, but a lot of work goes in to preparing and designing before any wood is being cut. And with basically no excess time in the workshop launching new designs takes time. The good news are that there is a lot of goodies that are very close to being ready to launch..! :)